Welcome to E Fashion Style! 

Here we hope to give you lots of fashion tips including great outfit ideas for the gym and those all important holiday must haves. Fashion is something most of us enjoy whether it’s planning an outfit for a great night out, or thinking about how we’re going to be chic and practical on those adventure holidays for singles. 

In the UK we can be forever optimistic about the weather, always hoping for a hot summer and an opportunity to enjoy the summers hottest fashion trends.

Here are just some of this years hottest summer trends for you to enjoy whatever the weather:


Potentially garish for some, positively gorgeous for others, this controversial trend will leave you shimmering like a mermaid in no time! If you’ve got the figure and the confidence, embrace iridescence by wearing a skirt or an oversized coat. If you’re feeling a little shy but want to dip your toe in this holographic pool, try simply shining up your outfit with a bag or clutch.


Another trend that is not for the faint hearted, mesh is a hardened style that needs to be considered carefully. Mesh can be unflattering on the figure if it is not worn in the right way, try considering this when you’re considering a purchase. To steer away from full throttle mesh wear a combination top with mesh panels.


A tone that never really goes out of fashion, pastels are all over the high street. From cable knit pastel blues to be enjoyed on Ski Holidays to pastel frill leggings for pilates, you’ll find pastels everywhere. Try combining pastels together for a particularly pretty effect or wear with pale denim to soften your overall look.

None Tailored Jackets

Think box shapes and clumsy fitting with these cropped, open jackets. These are not suitable for all figures but are worth a try, especially if you fancy glamming up your office wear.

Contrasting collars

Expect to see this on shirts, jackets and thin summer coats as the pixie collar comes back with a new look. Try using this trend to mix up your usual shirt and skirt combination.

The 70’s are back

Wide leg trousers are huge this season and are being worn combined with the current crop top trend. Wear with heels, a crop top and short sleeved jacket for ultimate summer chic.

Big long skirts

Think 50’s style vintage skirts that go right out and you’re almost there. These skirts are being worn in irridescent styles or denim, pastels or tribal prints, you name it and you’ll more than likely find it on the high street. The shape is the key design feature for this trend and it’s a fantastic way to embrace vintage style if you’re not quite read to tread the charity shops just yet.

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