Exercise In Style

Exercising and looking good is not easy, lets face it, it can be quite the nightmare keeping those sweat patches hidden and impressing the guy you've had your eye on in your pilates class for the last few weeks. Here are some tips on what to wear when you exercise:

Vest tops with slogans

They used to be tacky, now they are on trend and it's time you got your slogan on show! You've got to stay lighthearted when you're enduring that early morning workout on little more than an hours sleep, so why not up your humour counter with a slogan T Shirt or vest top?


The way you can combine workout wear with your afternoon plans without even bothering to change (the shower can wait till later!). Florals are absolutely everywhere and there's no reason you can't wear them to the gym. Wear a floral vest to brighten up your outfit or even some floral pumps to give a bit of organic spring to your step. If you're looking into adventure holidays for singles you'll want to think about using this trend to your advantage, floral prints are the perfect way to combine femininity and activity without much effort.
Try a flower print running jacket to really hit this seasons trend on the head.

Music Matters

Most of us work out to music these days so it's important to consider your headphones as a vital accessory to your outfit. It's now super easy to combine practicalities and fashion as many leading sports companies now provide an amazing selection of colours and designs in their headphone selections. Try wearing a neon pair or pair with a bright print on to jazz up your outfit and create that all important contrast effect.

Crop Tops

Not for the faint hearted, these tiny t shirts are a super trend this season and you'll be hard pushed to walk down the street and not see one. They are practical for sports because they will keep you cool, they are loose and comfortable and you can wear a sports bra underneath without any unsightly straps being on show. If you're far too self conscious to even consider getting your tummy out, try wearing a tight fitting vest top underneath that contrasts with the crop top colour, that way you get to enjoy the trend and keep those problem areas hidden.