Fashion For Your Figure

How to enjoy this seasons trends whatever your figure


If you're curvy there are some trends you'll want to avoid. Full on mesh jumpers and iridescent dresses will highlight all the areas you want to slim down. Try wearing mesh panelled jumpers or combining an iridescent knee length skirt with a slogan tea to stay on trend and highlight the best parts of your figure. The long 50's style skirts are particularly great for fuller figures as they highlight your waist and elongate your figure. Pastels can be worn by everyone and look fantastic against olive or dark skin if you've just come back from a hot break abroad, or even caught the sun during your annual ski holidays.
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50's style skirts are fantastic for giving the illusion of hips and curves on your bottom half. Box jackets will also broaden your shoulders and give extra shape, try floral patterns for extra feminine chic. Wide legged trousers combined with a crop top is a great look for athletic figures as it shows off your figure whilst creating different angles and shapes you may not get with a full tight fitting outfit.


If you're quite short you will want to avoid shapes that cut off your figure like the 50's skirts, box jackets and wide legged trousers. Instead you should embrace the many materials in this seasons trend selection like iridescents which highlight your figure and enhance areas you want to highlight. Try a short iridescent skirt with a plain vest top tucked in to elongate your lower half, and don't forget to wear heels for extra height.

Pear shapes

Pear shapes should enjoy the midriff bearing trends of this season by wearing crop tops with as many outfits as possible. Avoid box jackets to make your upper body look bigger and instead opt for soft tailoring and floral patterns.


If you're tall you should embrace your height and enjoy the wide legged trouser look which really suits longer legs. Wear with a 90's style jumper or simple vest top to elongate your legs even more and highlight your height.

Whatever your figure you can embrace this season's trends simply by shopping your your shape and avoiding clothes that are unflattering. Remember, a style can always be incorporated with accessories if you're worried about wearing it, bags, hats and footwear are all available in the patterns and materials of this season so you can be on trend without worrying about it having any effect on how your figure looks. Remember, the best thing anyone can wear is confidence; strutting without a care in the world can make any item of clothing look good.